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Current Challenges Purchasing Power Supplies

Sager Electronics recently asked its power sales engineers and sales team to list the five key topics their customers face when purchasing power supplies. The response was common across the Sager Power Systems organization: tariffs, lead times, warranties, safety regulations and transportation costs. In this recent editorial featured in Electronics Sourcing North America, Sager’s PSEs […]

Are Delivery Robots the Future of Home Delivery?

Recently, U.S. regulators have granted permission for certain autonomous vehicle companies to start deploying low-speed electric delivery vehicles, also known as Delivery Robots or BOTs. In today’s current environment, there is a clear appeal to less human-involved food and package delivery – with an estimate that food and grocery delivery revenue is set to grow steadily […]

Turning up the Heat

Miniaturization and increasing power densities put pressure on thermal management design and ultimately on purchasers tasked with sourcing the final solution, says Sager Electronics’ Aldo Guarino Heat is the most common culprit in electronic system failure, accounting for 55 per cent of failure occurrences. Sourcing adequate thermal management is therefore vital, yet demands a pragmatic […]

Sager Power Systems Is Ready to Help on Your Battery Project Needs

Thanks for looking into Sager Power Systems for your battery project needs. We’re happy to help you on your search for the right portable power solution. Know a bit about what you need for a custom solution already? Go ahead and request a quote here. Want to get to market faster? See our off-the-shelf battery […]

Achieving Compliance to Small Format Battery Pack Standards

Achieving Compliance to Small Format Battery Pack Standards From my days as a young Marine Corps Officer, it was stressed that “Safety is Paramount”. The same is very much the case when it comes to the design of small-format secondary lithium battery packs. Failure in this regard risks personal injury and property damage, not to […]

Two UL Battery Safety Standards Are Now FDA Recognized Consensus Standards for Medical Devices

UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global safety science leader, has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized two UL battery safety standards as consensus standards for medical devices incorporating lithium or nickel-based batteries. The two standards are UL 2054 – Standard for Household and Commercial Batteries, and UL 1642 – Standard for […]