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The Challenges of Designing and Sourcing Power Supplies and Batteries

Every electronic application requires some form of power source, but designing and sourcing power supplies and batteries can be challenging. Customers often face potentially complex solutions, long design cycles, extended lead times, and a lack of expert design guidance. Because power and power-related products are some of the most complex in terms of design and […]

Understanding the Complexities, Efficiency and Safety Requirements of Power Supplies

The role of purchasing within an OEM or CEM is continuously expanding, and today’s purchasing professionals can heavily influence their company’s component selection. As influencers, their understanding of the parts they’re sourcing is critical to ensuring they make the right purchase at the right price and the right time. An educated buyer evaluates components, recognizes […]

Knowledge is Power

When faced with a myriad of changing regulations, extended lead-times and tight delivery schedules, specialist expertise can provide powerful solutions, says Sager Electronics’ Paul Kopp Q – What are the greatest challenges faced by the power sector? A) The ever-changing landscape of regulations is the biggest challenge, especially in medical, industrial and EMC-related applications, where […]

Off-board Power and Switch Challenges

Sourcing off-board power and switch components presents plenty of challenges in an industrial setting, as Sager Electronics’ vice president product marketing, electromechanical, Craig Sanderson, and director of supplier marketing, power products, Paul Kopp, explains Everyone involved in sourcing electronic components understands the intricacies of sourcing on-board components. Yet off-board components, although they may appear basic, […]

Need a Custom Battery Pack? Know These 5 Critical Details First.

Reliable battery power is a critical piece in today’s portable world. Custom battery pack solutions across the medical, military, and industrial/commercial markets can vary widely. Identifying the battery pack solution that will work best for your specific product is the tricky task. Here are five key questions that you should be able to answer for […]