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Going Beyond the Fan: The Future of Power Supply Thermal Management

In this webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of the vast world of cooling methods available for power supplies. MEAN WELL Product Manager Kai Li and Sager Power Systems Rich Arieta and Paul Kopp share what cooling options are available, why one cooling method may work better for certain applications than another, and provide insight into why a […]

Choosing the Right Power Supply Starts with Accurate DC/DC Converter Measurements

Choosing between a Porsche 911 and a 4-wheel drive Jeep for an expedition through the South American rainforest is easy. Selecting the appropriate power supply isn’t always so simple. In this article from Florian Haas of TRACO Power, learn how to go beyond the basic questions around input and output voltages, regulations, and environmental conditions, […]

Current Challenges Purchasing Power Supplies

Sager Electronics recently asked its power sales engineers and sales team to list the five key topics their customers face when purchasing power supplies. The response was common across the Sager Power Systems organization: tariffs, lead times, warranties, safety regulations and transportation costs. In this recent editorial featured in Electronics Sourcing North America, Sager’s PSEs […]

Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Emissions Filtering: Attenuation vs. Leakage Trade-Off

Designing a power system for medical devices not only requires meeting the electrical requirements for the system, but also requires understanding the relationship between the attenuation of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and the reduction of leakage currents. The power supply is typically one of the main sources for both EMI and leakage current within a medical […]

Innovative Baseplate Cooling Design

The power density of AC/DC converter modules is increasing, but often requires high airflow rates to achieve their stated performance. However, forced cooling using mechanical fans brings reliability, noise and dust pollution issues. Baseplate cooling solves all of these problems, but only if the converter is specially designed from the outset to utilize conducted cooling […]

Are Delivery Robots the Future of Home Delivery?

Recently, U.S. regulators have granted permission for certain autonomous vehicle companies to start deploying low-speed electric delivery vehicles, also known as Delivery Robots or BOTs. In today’s current environment, there is a clear appeal to less human-involved food and package delivery – with an estimate that food and grocery delivery revenue is set to grow steadily […]

Tips to Keep in Mind When Selecting an AC-DC Open-frame Power Supply

While choosing an open-frame supply, you may need to figure out the ambient temperature of the surrounding area of the power supply, meaning the temperature inside the end application. The heat dissipation solution has the direct influence on the power supply lifetime and output power. The higher the temperature is, the lower the output power […]

Protecting Patients from Potential Electrical Failure

As part of our education series, TRACO Power’s Florian Haas delves into the safety concerns that must be considered when a patient is connected to an electrically powered medical device, and how to best protect that patient by avoiding electrical failure. Click here to learn more.  

Evaluating a Convection Cooled Power Supply’s Performance

The Power Guy at TDK-Lambda recently blogged on a subject worthy of mention: how to evaluate a convection cooled power supply’s performance. What makes this such an important topic of discussion is the variety of testing methods across the industry differ significantly. Click here for more.