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How to Connect Batteries in Series and Parallel

Series, Series-Parallel and Parallel is the act of connecting two batteries together. By connecting two or more batteries in either series, series-parallel or parallel, you can increase the voltage or amp-hour capacity, or both to allow for higher voltage applications or power hungry applications. Power Sonic explains these connection types below. Click here to learn […]

The Challenges of Designing and Sourcing Power Supplies and Batteries

Every electronic application requires some form of power source, but designing and sourcing power supplies and batteries can be challenging. Customers often face potentially complex solutions, long design cycles, extended lead times, and a lack of expert design guidance. Because power and power-related products are some of the most complex in terms of design and […]

Need a Custom Battery Pack? Know These 5 Critical Details First.

Reliable battery power is a critical piece in today‚Äôs portable world. Custom battery pack solutions across the medical, military, and industrial/commercial markets can vary widely. Identifying the battery pack solution that will work best for your specific product is the tricky task. Here are five key questions that you should be able to answer for […]