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Choosing the Right Power Supply Starts with Accurate DC/DC Converter Measurements

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Choosing between a Porsche 911 and a 4-wheel drive Jeep for an expedition through the South American rainforest is easy. Selecting the appropriate power supply isn’t always so simple. In this article from Florian Haas of TRACO Power, learn how to go beyond the basic questions around input and output voltages, regulations, and environmental conditions, […]

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

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One way to ensure the air indoors is clean is through the use of an air purifier. While there are several types of air purification systems on the market today using different methods and technologies to trap or eradicate contaminants, all purification systems share one thing in common. Each device needs to move air in […]

Current Challenges Purchasing Power Supplies

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Sager Electronics recently asked its power sales engineers and sales team to list the five key topics their customers face when purchasing power supplies. The response was common across the Sager Power Systems organization: tariffs, lead times, warranties, safety regulations and transportation costs. In this recent editorial featured in Electronics Sourcing North America, Sager’s PSEs […]